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Subject: Re: Please Help Me Name This Character
Author: Serafina Starstrider   (Authenticated as Serafina Starstrider)
Date: March 27, 2013 at 2:55:46 PM
Reply to: Re: Please Help Me Name This Character by RoxStar
Yeah, I'm just curious when it comes to what the percentiles would be, the percentiles aren't important but it actually is important to know my characters heritage, it may have something important to do with the story, and at the very least it can give the character flavor, for example maybe it is a tradition in her family to make dutch babies for breakfast. I think that the details make characters more realistic as long as you don't over load the details on the readers and dole them out slowly, then they don't drown the story they instead spice it up.

Character development is actually something I do a lot of. I haven't done any writing in a while but I play rping games all the time. I approach character development as if they were real people, I try to figure out details about their life so that I can put myself in their shoes to try to understand their perspective, I do this for rping and when I'm acting I like to figure out my characters motivations.

Yes I should be careful not to get too mired down in details to the point where I don't actually write but all of this information is important to the character. When it comes to naming her I decided I'd just give you guys all the information about her that I felt might be relevant so you guys can decide which information is important for figuring out her name.

I personally name characters based off looks and personality, then I try to make a matching sibset but that's usually because I have the main characters name in my head first then I try to figure out their siblings names if they have siblings. But what happened was I finally stopped being so stubborn and accepted that if I want to write a book that will be marketable then I should try to name my character something that people will view favorably. My main character had a name for a long time but I've decided that it just doesn't work. Her name was going to be Killian Maeve Knight and as much as I like it I really don't think Killian for a girl will be something that people will warm up to even if she had a nn. The other problem was none of the nn's for Killian seemed right to me; Kiki, Kay / K, or KK. Kay was the closest to being right, but then I definitely wouldn't have her older brother be Gratian nn Gray.


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