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Subject: Another question...
Author: Serafina Starstrider   (Authenticated as Serafina Starstrider)
Date: March 27, 2013 at 4:30:00 PM
Reply to: Please Help Me Name This Character by Serafina Starstrider
I at first didn't mention this because I wanted to see what names people came up with on their own with out this influencing their choices, I also wanted to see if any one else on their own suggested these names, since a few people have suggested these names or similar names I'm going to let you guys see the short list of names I have so far that I was thinking of:

Jo or JosieJosephine or Josephina / Josefina

Marcie / Marcy or Mara or MariMarceline

TessTheresa or Teresa

“Kes” Kestrel. I'd use Kestrel as the mn and she'd dislike her first name and go by her mn instead.

Kiki or Kay / K or KK” Killian. This was the name I originally was going to name this character but I suspect that even if she went mostly by her nn that Killian is just a name people aren't going to warm up to when used on a girl especially since a lot of people dislike it even for a boy because of the Kill part of the name.

What do you think about these names and nn's? Do they suit her? In general do you like these names or do you think some of them are ugly? Do you agree with my assessment that Killian nn Kay won't be something that the general public will dig and I should name her something else, or do you think Killian Maeve Knight nn Kay is a great combo and other people will also like it?

Thanks so much for everyone's help. :)


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