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Subject: Re: Your least favorite popular names
Author: Ana   (Authenticated as clouds)
Date: March 27, 2013 at 4:38:27 PM
Reply to: Your least favorite popular names by Lily
Chloe - it seems so babyish and stupid and whiney
Maddison/Madison and Addison - I do not find these appealing sounds! They seem so harsh.
Chelsea - Ugh, why. And it seems outdated. Shouldn't Chelseas be in their twenties or older?
Summer - I have never liked this name. It seems bossy and pretentious. Either that or unbearably bubbly, like the child is cursed to always be happy.
Lillian - Oh my god old lady name. Liliana is even worse. Just stick with Lily!
Paige - I wonder if all Paiges like reading.
Ashley - stop. This should have gone out of fashion decades ago.
Amber - same as Ashley.
Mikayla - Michaela or Mikaela, please! Although, I agree, this is better than Makayla.
Ellie - Hi, I'm Prime Minister Ellie Jones. CEO Ellie Smith. It's cute, but it's ridiculous to have as a full name.
Bella - Ugh. Twilight should have turned people OFF this name.
Holly - not a nice sound. I prefer Molly. And also a bit too Christmassy.

I do apologise, if you have one of these names, please don't take it personally.

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