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Subject: Re: Help us narrow down our list please!
Author: Violet   (Authenticated as dlilly)
Date: March 28, 2013 at 10:26:55 PM
Reply to: Help us narrow down our list please! by Chaka
Amelia- I like the bookish vibe of this name, and I prefer this spelling over Emilia, which has a very different vibe.
Annika- I've never really liked it. Something about the combination of the sounds.
Arwen- I think it's quite beautiful, and as a Lord of the Rings fan I might consider it myself. But I probably wouldn't use it because what if my kid isn't a fan? They'll have to hear about it for life. If I really wanted Arwen, I'd probably choose Anwen instead. Though I'd imagine at least around here, people would mistake her for an Arwen. Dilemma.
Camilla- I like it a lot more than Camille. It's kind of sweet.
Carys- I'm not a huge fan of harder sounds in names, so while I think this has potential, it's not for me.
Eleanor / Elinor- I adore Eleanor. Elinor is not as nice, in my opinion.
Emilia- This is more delicate princess than bookish.
Emma- I do like Emma, even though it's extremely popular. I work at a daycare, and this is one of the most common names I come across. Still, it's a beautiful classic.
Enya- I think it's too associated with the singer.
Fiona- Very nice. It has grown on me a lot over the past several years.
Hanna / Hannah- I think Hannah's perfectly nice, and I prefer it to Hanna mainly because it's a palindrome, which makes it a tad more fun.
Johanna- I think this one is also very nice. It's a bit more interesting than Hannah because it's less expected.
Lena- I've never cared for it. It's just sounds without much substance to me.
Leonie- I like it in theory but would never consider it for my own child. I think it could be mispronounced, and there's just something off about it I can't put my finger on.
Lilith- It's strong. A no-nonsense girl. You could sweeten her up with Lily for short, if that's your thing. But Lilith on its own is badass.
Linnea- I think it's very pretty, but I'm a bit bored of it at the moment.
Maeve- Underrated. It's got spunk.
Maya- I prefer Maia, but it's a take it or leave it kind of name.
Noa- Dislike this. Even if it has a legitimate history, it seems like a trendy version of Noah.
Nora- I like it best as a nickname for Eleanor.
Nova- It's a little too out-there for something I'd consider for real-life usage. But it does have cool imagery.

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