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Subject: Re: Sounds you like - Sounds you hate
Author: mirfak   (Authenticated as mirfak)
Date: March 29, 2013 at 1:46:08 PM
Reply to: Sounds you like - Sounds you hate by I Hate Top Ten
I love:

Beginnings: M esp. M_r, Dr, R (but not "Rye"), Sh, long vowels AY EYE EE OO, V, K, J
Middles: dr, oo, R, tch, ks, st, m, rl
Endings: n, k, l, r_l, er, z, th as in think, oo, n

I dislike the sounds:

Anywhere: NO, UBB, UHV, YOE, DL, BL, stops like the T in Caitlin, LOW, SHY, K'N, OYuh, AYSH, FEL / FUL, AB
Beginnings: long O, Gah like Gavin, Grah, Huh, Hyoo, Ha as in have, Br, Vuh/Vaw, Th, N, Y, May
Middles: paired S and F sounds like s_ph or st_s (Persephone, Eustace), B next to other consonants
Endings: va, ton, per, pee, -p, ach, us, um, own/oan, ina/eena

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