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Subject: Re: Susanna vs. my aunt Susan
Author: Elena   (Authenticated as Elena)
Date: March 29, 2013 at 6:51:08 PM
Reply to: Susanna vs. my aunt Susan by jemis
Some people would assume that Susanna was named after Susan and some wouldn't, but I think it mainly comes down to your emotional investment in the name. With dd #1, we'd planned to name her Katie and hadn't chosen a formal name for that yet when we met my dh's great-aunt with the same name. I found her to be a very, very strange woman and was already having misgivings about the name after being in her presence for a couple of hours. I was horrified when my MIL told the woman in front of my dh and myself that we were naming our dd after her when I hadn't even known she'd existed until we'd met earlier that day! I briefly went through a period after that where I said that was it, we'd find a new name until one day, I realized I'd never see Katie again and if it made her happy to think someone was named for her, then so be it. We named our daughter Katherine / Katie and never saw Great-Aunt Katie again.

Do you see your aunt very often? When you'd call out Susanna's name, would you think of the woman you dislike? It's entirely up to you. Susanna is a gorgeous name and it deserves to be used more often, imo. Wish I could have used it.

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