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Subject: If you were going to...
Author: Catalina   (Authenticated as Catalina-lirio)
Date: March 30, 2013 at 12:07:30 PM
... theme your children's names in some manner, how would you do it? Same first initial, flower names, place names? A connecting element? (like the Belgian royals have Elisabeth, Eleonore, Gabriel, and Emmanuel, connecting with the -el element)

Try to be more creative than "saint" names or the like, unless they are really well-known like Francis (Assisi) or Catherine (Siena) , just because of the masses of saints there are.


I think I would probably connect with a Y element. I love the look of a Y in a name, as long as it was originally there. (Example, Cecilie and Cecily are both original spellings, and I prefer the Y-spelling, but Caitlin ranks far higher than Caitlyn). Plus, they can go in the front, middle, end, and it's relatively subtle.

My sibset might look like:

Rhys Benedict
Cecily Helene
Myles Lazarus
Freya Marguerite
Blythe Alexandrine
Sybil Berenice

A nice mix of sounds and syllables with a fairly cohesive feel, IMO. The middle names are connected mostly by chance, what I thought sounded nice. The boy MNs are religious, and the girl MNs are e-ending French names.

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