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Subject: Re: Your least favorite popular names
Author: erb816   (Authenticated as erb816)
Date: March 30, 2013 at 7:20:31 PM
Reply to: Your least favorite popular names by Lily
Names in the Top 100 I don't like:

Mason, Landon, Carter, Chase, Parker, Cooper, Brody, Carson, Nolan - I don't generally like surnames as first names.
Jayden / Jaden
Aiden / Ayden - These spelling; Aidan is okay.
Anthony - I've just never found it attractive. The first syllable sounds bad in my accent (really short and nasal 'a'), imo, and I don't like Tony.
Ryan - I just know too, too many.
Samuel - Never liked "Sam."
Brandon - (see Ryan)
Colton - I have a cousin named this (though he's a senior in high school, not a baby). I like my cousin well enough, but I've always found his name to be a very country-bumpkin name. Also, it reminds me of guns.
Bentley - WHY IS THIS A NAME???

Madison - It ends with "son" and starts with "mad."
Mia - Seems too much like a nickname to me. I keep wanting it to be short for Amelia.
Grace - You know, for what it describes, "grace" is a rather harsh-sounding word, imo. I'm also not a huge fan of virtue names.
Avery - Doesn't sound remotely feminine to me.
Brooklyn - This is not a name. This is a borough of New York City. You might as well name your child Manhattan or Bronx or... wait... yeah... poor Bronx Mowgli...
Victoria - This is a perfectly fine name for other people to use; I've just always found it to be very harsh-sounding.
Evelyn - Decent name, I've just never been able to picture a young girl named Evelyn.
Hannah - I just know way too many.
Layla - Just this spelling: it leads to bad jokes in high school.
Kaylee - I don't really like "combination" names.
Sarah - It needs to be given a rest.
Ashley - The first syllable reminds me of an ash tray.
Taylor - Masculine, but also makes me think of a vapid teenage TV show (I think the Olsen twins have something to do with that image).
Riley - Masculine.
Khloe - Chloe is fine, but this spelling is just awful.
Peyton / Payton - Masculine.
Kylie - Very cutesy.
Bella - Dislike it as a full name: it's a foreign (in the U.S.A.) but recognizable adjective.
Morgan - I've always thought of Morgan as masculine, and Morgana as feminine.
Bailey - Masculine.
Ellie - Too nickname-y.

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