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Subject: Names that you should theoretically like... but don't
Author: Catalina   (Authenticated as Catalina-lirio)
Date: March 31, 2013 at 11:32:21 AM
What are some names that, logically, you should like, but don't? For example, I should probably like Sidney on a boy, since I'm a big fan of Ashley and Leslie and Simeon and Simon. But I really can't stand it.


Dislike Ariana, but love Tatiana, Mariana, and like Ariane.

Dislike Madeline, but love Magdalene and most -ine names like Severine, Sandrine, Amandine, and Leontine.

Dislike Wren, but love Lark, Dove, and Tess for girls and Ben, Lennox, and Wesley for boys.

Dislike Cashel but love Callum, Cormac, Cathal, and Ashley.

Dislike Roland but love Roman and Ronan for boys, Rowan for either sex, and Land by itself or as a nn for Alexandra for girls.

What are some of yours? Any theories on why you don't like them?

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