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Subject: Re: Your thoughts on these names
Author: Violet   (Authenticated as dlilly)
Date: March 31, 2013 at 5:40:26 PM
Reply to: Your thoughts on these names by Amazing
Bernadette- I used to despise this name, but then I named my car Bernadette (it just looks like one) so I'm starting to warm up to it. The possibility of Bernie still irks me, though.
Rosa- Eh, it's not one of my favorite Rose names, but I don't mind it.
Grace- As a first name, it's nice. As a middle name, overused.
Daniela- Not a huge fan of it. I've never really thought much about it because my name is Danielle, so Daniela would never be a consideration for a daughter of mine.
Elisa- I would prefer Elise or Eliza.
Silvia- Right now I like the spelling Sylvia better, but this is pretty as well. Sylvia is actually one of my favorites.
Talia- It doesn't do a whole lot for me, and I think it's prettier as Thalia.
Ruza- I've never heard of this. Don't think I care for it.
Carole- I think Carol/Carole is awesomely retro. I know a lot of people see it as being dated, and it is, but I don't mind that.
Lesley- I've never liked this name. It sounds slimy.
Erin- Bland.
Laura- Classically appealing.
Maree- If it's supposed to be said like Marie, I'd prefer that.

Victor- This is a name I'd like seeing on someone else's kid. A good name, just not one I see myself using.
Joseph- It's a nice, solid classic.
Ashley- I've always seen it as a girls name, even though I know it was originally male.
Thomas- I like it, but at the same time think it's too boring. And I'm not a Tom or Tommy fan.
Lachlan- Eh, doesn't do anything for me.
Benjamin- Not one of my favorite classics. Something about it throws me off- maybe it's the idea of Ben, which I don't care for.
David- My brother's name, so I haven't thought much beyond "oh that's my brother."
James- I like it, particularly with the nickname Jamie.
Trevor- Sounds kind of weak.
Brian- I've never liked Brian and don't understand why there are so many, of all different ages.
Robert- I like Rob and Robbie, but not Robert in full.
Michael- Yawn.
Patrick- Never cared for this one, either. I'm not sure why.

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