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Subject: Re: Your thoughts on these names
Author: mirfak   (Authenticated as mirfak)
Date: March 31, 2013 at 6:02:09 PM
Reply to: Your thoughts on these names by Amazing
Bernadette! Keep on loving me, Bernadette! keep on needing me, Bernadette! I kinda hate that song so I don't like it. I also have an image of Bernadette Peters attached to it. I think the bern sound is ugly
Rosa - like it; seems Latina?
Grace - nice... demure and so very conservative, too much so for my taste.
Daniela - nice. There's one in my daughter's class.
Elisa - okay.
Silvia - okay. Stands out a little bit. This spelling seems Spanish or Italian
Talia - okay. nms
Ruza - pretty and unusual around here, could be hard to pronounce
Carole - love it.
Lesley - eh, I prefer Leslie on a man. Lesley on a woman seems sort of 1970s-androgynous, bighaired and gruff to me. But it'd be fine, not bad.
Erin - love it. This is the kind of fanciful name I like, rather than stuff like Emilia or Caoimhe or Autumn - it's so much tidier about its dreaminess.
Laura - can't go wrong classic. I prefer Laurel
Maree - I like that. Better than Marie, in a gp sort of way.

Victor - like it; it's a little bit too butch and pointy for my taste to use, but it's likeable
Joseph - yawn ugh
Ashley - it's more of a girl name now. If I were a baby boy being born I'd say 'please don't name me Ashley, Mom. I'm a real guy, not the handsome lover character in your fantasy.'
Thomas - can't go wrong, and I love Tom. It's not the most dominant name. It's laid back.
Lachlan - is nice, but doesn't thrill me. Better than Declan.
Benjamin - yawn.
David - so natty. I like it. I only don't like the association with the OT story
James - yawn. Becomes Jim or Jamie, or else it's all tightlipped and tweedy. Best of the yawn Bible names tho
Trevor - I like it in a gp sort of way. Cool name on your kid, but I get too much of a biker or rock'n'roll vibe from it to be comfy to use it.
Brian - yawn, overdone. But I kinda like it anyway. It's nice. Brians are nice, and smart and funny. IME
Robert - it's nice. Heard it too much, though.
Michael - I see its appeal but I have never enjoyed saying this name out loud. And I've sure said it lots...
Patrick - is a great name. A little bit nerdy maybe. I don't like saying it out loud, either.

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