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Subject: Re: Random names
Author: Marija Luminitsa   (Authenticated as Marija Luminitsa)
Date: March 31, 2013 at 10:02:14 PM
Reply to: Random names by Sofia
Alger --Too surnamy for my taste
Beverly --Never liked the sound of it for either sex
Chapman --Too surnamy for my taste
Derek --This is ok, but not really my style
Erasmus --This is ok. Isn't there a school program in Europe with this name?
Frode --Is this the name that inspired Frodo? I like the history.
Giovanni --I love it, though it is really common
Hazleton --This is too surnamey
Jude --I love this
Klemens --This is too surnamy for me
Livingston --same as above
Mather --same as above
Pratt --same as above
Rip --I always found this one strange
Seward --Too surnamey for me
Tilford --ditto
Velimir --I like this
Willard --I have too many unfortunate associations with this name. I always found it a bit dorky sounding anyway.

Bracken --Ugh, this is horrible for a boy, and worse for a girl
Chesleigh --This one made me cringe
Domitilla --I love this one! I've actually met someone with the name before! :-)
Etheldreda --I wish I could appreciate names like this more, but this one sounds really harsh
Ivančica --I like this as a diminutive form.
Klea --I like this. It should be in the database here
Liya --Is this supposed to be a form of Lia?
Meiriona --This is ok, but it is one of those names that has so many vowels that it seems a bit intimidating at first.
Nikolina --I love this. It's one of very few feminine Nik/Nic names that I really like.
Petrina --I like this as an elaborated form of Petra
Sicily --Too place namey
Tristana --I find this to be an odd feminization
Vitomira --Pretty
Yvetta --This is ok

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