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Subject: Re: Spelling
Author: MelissaR   (Authenticated as MelissaR)
Date: April 1, 2013 at 2:32:10 PM
Reply to: Spelling by Isis
Isabel: Isabelle is too frilly. Even better spelling is Isobel.
Claire: The 'i' makes the name graceful
Catherine: Its the traditional way.
Kay: You don't need the 'E'
Evelyn: Okay, Aveline sounds like its prenouced 'Av- a- leen.' Evelyn is more sweeter looking and easy to say
Sara: I think its nicer for no reason
Mark: Marc sounds to French- I hate French boys names
Luke: Same reason as Mark
Jack: Same reason as Mark
Niahm: Neve sounds strange
Celine: Selee has too many 'Es'!
Kristina: Chris is a boys name! Kristina looks cuter with a 'K'!
Alan: Allen remids me of the Allen juice company while Alan reminds me of a strong, brave kind and sucessful man.
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