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Subject: Re: Your thoughts on these names
Author: Sofia   (Authenticated as Sofia)
Date: April 1, 2013 at 2:54:23 PM
Reply to: Your thoughts on these names by Amazing
Bernadette –I like Bernard but not the female forms
Rosa –love as a first name, boring as a middle
Grace –love as a first name, boring as a middle
Daniela –ok, very popular in my generation, so a bit boring
Elisa -ok
Silvia –like
Talia –ok, prefer it as a nickname for Natalia
Ruza –nice, doesn’t export well
Carole –dated, prefer Caroline
Lesley –prefer Leslie and for a man, but either way not a huge fan (probably because I had a male boss named Leslie, nn Les)
Erin –like
Laura –love pronounced ‘LAH-oo-rah’, but super popular here, so I’m tired of it
Maree –I’d pronounce this like Mari, not Marie, confusing to most people

Victor –not a fan
Joseph –dislike (I don’t like any male form of this name)
Ashley –I like it for a boy and I love Ash as a nickname
Thomas –dislike
Lachlan –love, but pronounced the Scottish way
Benjamin –like it, but don’t like any nicknames for it so wouldn’t use it (it’s very rare here, so I’m not bored of it)
David –love pronounced ‘DAH-veed’
James –love it and Jamie as a nickname, don’t like Jim or Jimmy
Trevor –dislike
Brian –I always read this as brain
Robert –don’t like
Michael –ok, boring and I dislike Mike or Mikey
Patrick –love, but Patrik is very popular here

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