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Subject: Re: Spelling
Author: Alcyone   (Authenticated as Alcyone)
Date: April 1, 2013 at 7:38:32 PM
Reply to: Spelling by Isis
Isabel or Isabelle - Isabelle, but I like Isabel too. Isabelle looks more complete to me.
Claire or Clare - Claire. Clare doesn't look very feminine to me.
Kathryn or Catherine - Catherine (if pronounced ka-TREEN). I don't really care for Katherine / Kathryn, etc., but I do like Catherine in French. If the French pronunciation isn't an option here, I think I would still choose Catherine.
Kay or Kaye - Kay. I don't mind Kaye, but the "e" seems a bit superfluous.
Aveline or Evelyn - I like both, but I don't pronounce them the same way. I pronounce Aveline AV-ə-leen and Evelyn Ev-ə-lin. Since Evelyn has gotten so popular, I'd go with Aveline. It's more refreshing.
Sara or Sarah - Sara. I think it looks better without the "h."
Marc or Mark - Marc. It reminds doesn't remind me of the word "mark" as much as Mark does.
Luc or Luke - Luc. I prefer the way the French version looks.
Jack or Jaques - Jack. I like Jacques, but Jaques doesn't look right.
Niahm or Neve - Niamh. I pronounce Niamh NEEV and Neve NEV. I prefer the sound and look of Niamh even though it isn't very practical where I live.
Shawn or Sean - Sean. Shawn has a harsh look to it.
Celine or Selene - Selene. I automatically think of Celine Dion when I see Celine.
Kristina or Christina - Kristina, but I don't mind either. Kristina seems a little more lively.
Alan or Allen - Alan. I used to prefer Allen because it looked more balanced in my mind, but now I prefer Alan. Allen seems more dated.

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