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Subject: Re: 25 Rules and Most Hated Names of 2011
Author: babybackribs   (Authenticated as Lolth)
Date: April 2, 2013 at 9:01:34 AM
Reply to: Re: 25 Rules and Most Hated Names of 2011 by babybackribs
The rules:

1. It seems pretty obvious. I agree.

2. I don't know what they mean by these. I'm guessing names like Bambi, Candy, Bunny, Jade, Raven, Sierra, Crystal, Brandy, etc.

3. Every name is going to have someone who hates it. So this is kind of redundant.

4. I guess I can agree.

5. I don't see how Nelly is bad. Enough people seem to know it's a name. (I'm sure Nelly Furtado didn't get any problems with it.) But who would name their kid Jinx? It means "curse" (as in a hex), and there's a Pokemon named Jynx.

6. A lot of names have various spellings. Catherine and Anne have had multiple spellings for a long time.

7. All names were made up at one point. But some of them can look tacky. And BTW, Stephania is a real name.

8. I guess this is a good rule of thumb.

9. Agree.

10. Strongly agree.

11. Ditto.

12. I've never heard of a kid named Einstein or Harvard, though Aristotle is well-used in Greece (though not in that form; usually it's Aristotelis). But I don't think it's a good idea to show off through you're kid's name. It can make you look like a snob.

13. I think there is a good reason why we don't use certain names, like Adolf, Caligula, Herod, Cleopatra, Jezebel, and Nero. It's because they are associated with bad people in history.

14. Pretty good rule.

15. I agree with this.

16. Celebrities really DO love to give crap to their kids. A few celebrities I like gave their kids awful names (Gwen Stefani did), but it doesn't make me hate them. I think it's better not to copy them. Actually, it's the normal-sounding celebrity kid names, like Ava, Max, Oscar, and Stella, that are copied the most.

17. Personally I don't agree with naming laws like they have in countries like Sweden, Germany, and Poland.

18. Congratulashayla is not a real name. It was made up by two guys on Youtube. But it is true that names like Shaniqua and Jamarcus receive fewer callbacks from employers.

19. Yes.

20. It isn't pompous, it's trashy - especially if you can't afford this super-expensive brand.

21. Same as 13.

22. Yes.

23. Yes.

24. Don't these people realize that Leslie was originally a boys' name? I don't like Leslie for either sex, but they should have done their research.

25. Then I guess this whole list was worthless?

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