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Subject: Re: Opinions Please
Author: kudriashkajo   (Authenticated as jodirae)
Date: April 2, 2013 at 1:20:36 PM
Reply to: Opinions Please by ABCDE
Are they usable? Are they usable?? OF COURSE! Why in the world wouldn't they be?

Tobias (Toby) - I love Tobias. Toby is cute, even if it's a bit of a dog name.
Cormac - Woohoo, great one!
Oscar - the grouch, obviously, but I've met a little Oscar and it still seems usable to me.
Gabriel - Very handsome.
Ambrose - Oooo, so alluring and wonderful
Jasper - Nice. Not too common, but easily recognizable. A good quality.
Leo - Fine nickname, but too nicknamey to be a full name in my books
Rupert (Roo) - Handsome and cute all in one
Rory - Not my style, but a fine name
James - Short and sweet

Lydia - again, not my style, but I'd appreciate hearing it at the playground
Cordelia (Cordie) - Awwww, Cordie is brilliant. Cordelia is bordering on over-the-top, but still cool
Iris - the fact that it's a body part kind of turns me off of it as a name
Audrey - Yup, a gooder. No objections here
Hermione - Harry Potter comments will ensue, and then everyone will get over it and move on
Elodie - so pretty
Eleanore (Elly) - Not my style, but I can see the appeal

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