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Subject: Re: Opinions Please
Author: mirfak   (Authenticated as mirfak)
Date: April 2, 2013 at 4:55:46 PM
Reply to: Opinions Please by ABCDE
None of them are unusable.

I don't like these:
Tobias / Toby - Biblical bombast / doggie name
Ambrose - like ambrosia, it's bright pink. Indoorsy name.
Rupert / Roo - because of Roo. Like in Winnie the Poo, the baby Roo. What. Rupert is okay but sort of pretentious.
Elodie - if it rhymes Melody, it's shapeless and basically is Ella-dee. If it's AY-loady it's pretentious (unless you live where there are a lot of French speakers)
nn Cordie for Cordelia - it's Codi for the oh-teens! nms too spunky

I like these especially well:
Gabriel - the brightest and most young-manly of Biblical names.
Lydia - deserves to be the next name that gets as popular as Emily.
Audrey - power name.
Iris. It's trendy, but it's super.

Rory is nice although not so nice spoken aloud
James is nice although generic and forgettable due to overuse, and becomes Jim or Jamie unless he's sort of uptight.
Cormac is nice but just a little too awkward for me to say aloud.
Eleanore / Elly has basically no faults (maybe the E on the end which is superfluous), but it doesn't strike me a lot.
Hermione is pretty, just not to my taste.
Cordelia is lovely but the right nn for it is Delia or Dede IMO.

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