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Subject: Re: Opinions Please
Author: Violet   (Authenticated as dlilly)
Date: April 2, 2013 at 5:28:25 PM
Reply to: Opinions Please by ABCDE
I think they're all usable. The least usable are Ambrose and Hermione, but not to the extent that I'd be concerned about it.

Tobias (Toby)- I like it, but I also think of Toby as a pet name because I have a cat named Toby.
Cormac- This is nice. Snappy and fresh.
Oscar- I've never understood the appeal of it. I guess I just don't like the way it sounds.
Gabriel- This is alright, but nothing that makes me stand up and take notice.
Ambrose- I like it. Some might view it as too feminine sounding, especially non-namenerds. But I don't think it is. I might relegate it to the middle name slot as a result, though.
Jasper- Another good one. I think it goes with Ambrose- they remind me of old Southern gentlemen.
Leo- One of my favorites. It's extremely usable, yet not common (at least in my area) or boring. It's simple and handsome.
Rupert (Roo)- Rupert makes me think of teddy bears- it's so soft and squishable. Roo is a fun nickname.
Rory- I like this, except for the fact that the double R sound can be a bit tricky to pronounce.
James- A nice classic. I'd use Jamie primarily, if it were my kid.

Lydia- This is one of my favorites. I love the way it looks and sounds, and the vaguely Victorian vibe.
Cordelia (Cordie)- I also love Cordelia. So elegant. Cordie cheapens it a little for me, I'd be more likely to go with Cora as a nickname.
Iris- Very nice retro floral. I'd consider it myself.
Audrey- Classy. Brings to mind Hepburn immediately.
Hermione- Brings to mind Granger. But that might also be a good thing- before Harry Potter most people would not have heard of this or known how to pronounce it. So if you're prepared to deal with the constant comparisons to the character, I'd say go for it. I think it's beautiful.
Elodie- So melodic and floaty.
Eleanore (Elly)- I'd prefer Eleanor, which I love. Elly is kind of a snooze to me, but better than Ella. I'd be more likely to call her Nora.

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