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Subject: Need some American Old Money names (for characters)
Author: erb816   (Authenticated as erb816)
Date: July 11, 2013 at 8:32:04 PM
I hope the post title isn't too... weird. But I'm developing a story (it's in its infancy) that involves a fictional Rockefeller-like family, whose younger daughter is the main character. Her younger twin brothers are Knox and Xavier, but I don't have a name for the main character, her older (and pushier and more stuck-up) sister, or her parents. The last name is Van Hassel, and the family originally made their money in commercial and investment banking.

The main character would've been born in 1992, the older sister around 1987, and the parents in the mid-1950s. Especially for the women, I want to stay away from "classic" names like Anne, Catherine, Elizabeth, Sarah, etc. Any help would be great, because I'm drawing blanks. I have a feeling the father's name will wind up being William, but I feel like that's too boring. (The father is a financial adviser, and the mother is a prosecuting attorney... if that helps at all.)

Thanks in advance.

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