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Subject: Re: Names for the seven deadly sins?
Author: Izzy84   (Authenticated as Izzy84)
Date: February 16, 2018 at 6:39:57 AM
Reply to: Names for the seven deadly sins? by Helena
Pride: Stephen, Leo / Leon / Leona, Alaric, Regina
Wrath: Marcus, Gabriel / Gabrielle, Blair
Lust: Kenneth (from Coinneach), Wil, Tiras, Adam, David
Sloth: Tristan. I felt like names that mean “peace” or “calm” could fit here, like Irene, Salome, Frederick, Winifred, Freddie / Freddy
Greed: Edith, Edmund, Edward
Gluttony: Food names maybe? Anise, Cherry, Olive, Dulcie
Envy: I really like Felie's suggestion Livia. Livian, Livien or Livio might work for a boy.

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