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Subject: Re: My list of Do*che Bag Names (Agree or Disagree)
Author: Septapus   (Authenticated as Buneary)
Date: February 17, 2018 at 8:34:06 AM
Reply to: My list of Do*che Bag Names (Agree or Disagree) by ZillahKills
I actually don't think many of these are douchey.

Both Nathaniels I knew (one from Brazil, the other from Australia) were actually really nice. All of the Fabians I knew were pretty nice too, and I don't recall any of them wearing scarves when it was warm. (Most of them were from Argentina or other Latin American countries, which tend to get hot a lot, although I did know a Fabian from Germany.) I know a few Wilsons and all but one of them are nice.

I know Christian isn't popular on this board since most users here are atheist/agnostic (and also because of the character from Fifty Shades of Grey), but I haven't had a problem with any of the guys I knew with the name. (Cristiano is a lot more common in Brazil, and I know both nice and mean Cristianos. The funny thing is, none of the mean Cristianos I knew were particularly religious.)

I actually think Darius is kinda douchey, since a variant of it, Daryush, is the real name of Roosh V (if you haven't heard of him, look it up - he's a disgusting person). Dario doesn't give me the same vibe since I've known plenty (both nice and mean).

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