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Subject: Re: Fairytale names - Would you use them?
Author: Miranda   (Authenticated as Randee15)
Date: September 27, 2004 at 6:18:36 PM
Reply to: Fairytale names - Would you use them? by Jacks
1. No one knows. Disney did it. She was originally Little Briar Rose. Disney did keep Rose as Aurora's alias though. The prince wasn't named
2. Nope. It was originally Yeh-shen. And she lived in the middle of 9th-century China
3. Maybe. She may have been originally Little Snowdrop (or Snow-drop), or may have been Little Snow White from the start. There's disagreement
4. It's Belle. It's a literal translation into French of Beauty's legitly original name... Beauty
5. Not a Disney adaptation, but: Rapunzel was originally Petrosinella (named after parsley--"petrosine"--rather than the obscure (today) vegetable, rampion)
6. Ariel was just called the Little Mermaid in Andersen's original story... and she died in the end of that. The prince had no name, and the Sea Witch wasn't a major player at all
7. Jasmine was originally called Badroulboudour, I believe. "Aladdin" isn't a fairy tale, but rather a story made up by an author many years after the original 1001 Arabian Nights' stories were compiled. In the original, Aladdin and co were also all Chinese
8. Not a fairy tale, but Pocahontas was given the English name of Rebecca when she traveled to England with John Rolfe

SurLaLune has tons of fairy tale info: Be sure to read the history links of the stories, and the annotations when present.

Aurora is a fine name, as is Jasmine. I'd use Ariel on a boy or Ariela / Ariella or Arielle on a girl. Cinderella was used from time to time in the 19th-century, but I wouldn't use it today, however pretty it sounds.


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