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Subject: Re: some names and meanings
Author: Mike C   (Authenticated as Mike C)
Date: October 4, 2001 at 11:59:18 PM
Reply to: some names and meanings by Kerrstin
Some of these names are already in the database...

Kali --is the Hawaiian counterpart of Kerri , or in Sanskrit it means Dark Goddess.
Aliyah (pronounced uh lee yu)--Hebrew--to ascend
Sarina (pronounced su rina)--Hebrew--princess
Mekai (pronounced me ky-the y makes an I sound)--Hawaiian--my ocean
Tyrran (pronounced tear an)--Celtic--loving
Tyr (pronounced tear)--Norse--Justice
Kai --Hawaiian--ocean

here's a list of first and middle name combinations that are cool if a little unusual for the most part.
(F) Kali Aliyah --dark goddess ascending
(F) Sarina Mekai --ocean princess
(M) Tyrran Riane (pronounced ryan)--loving little king
(M) Matthew Tristan --tumultious gift of God
(F) Jayden Rhiannon --thankful nymph/goddess
(M) Christian Ashe --ash of christian
(F) Brianna Sarina --noble princess
(M) Tyrran Kaie (pronounced ky with an I sound)--loving combat
(F) Delia (pronounced del E uh) Raine (pronounced rain)--pure moon goddess
(M) Dominik Tyr --Justice of the lord

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