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Subject: looking for the origin of a name and a girl's name...
Author: Snoof   (guest)
Date: October 5, 2001 at 3:53:39 PM
Hi. I've been here before when i thought i was pregnant and now, lo and behold, i'm actually pregnant (ten weeks today) and i stumble across the link again! you'd think the gods are trying to tell me something...

I'm looking for the origin and some background on the boy's name Corwyn. i was told it means Raven. My husband and i both have a "thing" with the Native American Raven. Me because he hated humans, but gave his life to bring them fire because he couldn't stand to see them suffer, he for more obvious reasons -and that reason as well. If this is a boy we'll name him Corwyn Brandt.

If it's a girl (My husband insists that it is, lol) her middle name will be Ann (for my Mama who died when i was 15) but I can't decide on a first name. i feel that it should start with an S but don't ask me why... I have no clue. Of course we have a long time to go before we actually have to decide this (and i hope he'll be here then and won't be drafted) but I'm having fun trying to find something nice... he'd like a name that means "Destiny's Friend" if it helps. our last name is Futrell.

Thank you.

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