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Subject: Now that we know what annoys you, Seren Meredith Williams, let me tell you what annoys us...
Author: Nanaea   (Authenticated as Nanaea)
Date: October 8, 2001 at 11:51:52 AM
Reply to: No offence or anything......... by Seren Meredith Williams
1. People who sail in here and post without a clue. If you'd taken the time to read the FAQ, you would have seen this polite message:
"WHY IS MY NAME NOT LISTED? Have you made sure that the name is not yet on my site? If it is not, it is probably because it is a rare name that I have not seen before. You can submit it from my submit-a-name page. Make sure to include the gender and ethnic background."

And also:
"WHAT DOES MY LAST NAME MEAN? This site is limited to first names, except last names that are also used as first names. Go to my links page for a list of sites that deal with last names."

2. People who don't -- or rather, are unable to -- follow simple instructions. Please see above message regarding the procedure for submitting a name to the database.

3. People who sail in here and neglect to provide the requested background information on their name (gender and ethnic origin), which is the first message one sees on one's screen when one hits the "Post a Message" link.

4. People who start off their messages by saying "No offence or anything", and then offensively state: "...but I was rather annoyed..."

5. People who have nothing of value to contribute to this site, except so-called "constructive criticism" which was obviously prompted by the ego-deflating realization that their precious personal name has not yet been added to this site's database.

I conclude with a paraphrase of your last sentence: I hope you listen to what I have said and perhaps spend some time reading the FAQ and finding out more about how this website operates, in order to improve the content of your future postings on this message board.

-- Nanaea

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