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Subject: My point
Author: Nanaea   (Authenticated as Nanaea)
Date: October 22, 2001 at 8:58:28 PM
Reply to: Your point is? I have nothing against foreign-born residents of ANY stripe who are legally here, but I do have a teensy problem with our screen-door borders. And Australians kick ass. by Daividh
Daividh, I believe you when you say you have nothing against foreign-born residents who are legally here.

My point was this: I was quoting stats from the 1990 Census -- and there was no reason for anyone to automatically assume that the non-WASP-ish sounding names in those states were representative of an invasion of illegal aliens into this country.

As for our "screen-door borders", you've already read my posting further down in this thread, so I'm not going to repeat everything I've already said about U.S. Immigration and Naturalization statistics, or American history.

Yes, illegal entry into this nation is (and has been) a problem. But a bigger problem is people's perception of exactly who, in this country, is a "true American".

On a message board devoted to discussion about names and naming, I would hope that people -- especially fellow Americans -- would not have preconceived notions about who may or may not be a "legal", based upon the ethnicity of that person's surname.

-- Nanaea

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