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Subject: The most popular names in classical Attica (boys)
Author: Pavlos   (guest,
Date: November 2, 2001 at 5:40:33 AM
The list of most popular male names in Attica below is culled from *A Lexicon of Greek Personal Names* (

The first column shows the mumber of instances the name is recorded. The second column presents the name's the English transliteration. For names not already included in BtN, the third column provides an etymology. I have relied on the Liddell-Scott Greek Lexicon and on common sense to derive the etymologies.

Will post the most popular female names sometime soon.

1103 Dionysios
784 Demitrios, Damatrios Demetrius
575 Zosimos Zosimus
574 Apollonios Apollonios
473 Aphrodisios
364 Alexandros
344 Asklepiades Asklepiades
311 Philon Philo
310 Theodoros, Theydoros Theodore
265 Herakleides
263 Apollodoros
262 Kallias
238 Diokles
237 Dionysodoros Gift ("doron") of Dionysos -- much cooler than Theodore!
235 Nikias
223 Theophilos Theophilus
216 Nikostratos
209 Diodoros Diodorus
205 Epiktetos
203 Ariston
196 Socrates
195 Philokrates
188 Straton
183 Agathocles From "agathos" (good) and "kleos" (glory)
183 Diogenes
181 Zopyros
179 Attikos From "Attica" (State of which Athens is capital)
174 Kallistratos From "kalos" (good, beautiful) and "stratos" (army)
173 Isidotos From Isis and "dotos" (given by)
171 Sostratos From "sos" (unwounded, safe) and "stratos" (army)

170 Nikon
168 Menandros "Awaiting a man" -- As in the Velvet Underground song
167 Isidoros Isidore
165 Athinodoros Gift ("doron") of Athena
161 Euporos Rich, from "Eu-" (plentiful) and "poros" (resource)
157 Philippos Philip
157 Onesimos Useful, profitable, beneficial

156 Epafroditos Lovely, fascinating, charming (From Aphrodite)

154 Eukarpos Fruitful, from "Eu-" (plentiful) and "karpos" (fruit) Wop bop a loo bop a lop bam boom!

154 Zoilos Lively, from Zoe (life)
151 Epikrates Master, from "Epi-" (upon) and "krato" (to hold).
150 Kephisodoros Gift if the river Kephisos (or of the nymph Kephisis after whom the river was named)
150 Pamphilos Friend (Philos) of all (Pam-)
147 Athinaios From Athens
139 Epigonos Offspring, deom "epi-" (upon) and "gonos" (begotten child)
138 Artemon Related to Artemis
136 Eutuchides, Eutuchidas Lucky (see Eutychos)
136 Philocles Friend of glory, from "philos" (friend) and "kleos" (glory)
135 Dorotheos Male form of Dorothea
133 Antiochos a.k.a. Antioch. From "antiochei", to set oneself against, oppose, withstand.

133 Timokrates To hold honor, from "time" (honor) and "krato" (to hold)
131 Lysimachos See Lysimachus
131 Zenon See Zeno
129 Satyros Related to Saryrs and satire; possibly derived from "tyros" (cheese)!!!
127 Hermeias Related to Hermes
127 Kallikrates
126 Philinos Intellectual, from "philos" and "nous" (mind)
121 Paramonos Constant, steadfast, permanent

119 Nikomachos
118 Menecrates Abiding in strength

117 Stephanos See Stephen
116 Aristocrates Aristocrat
116 Leukios White, from "leukon"
115 Agathon
115 Theodotos, Theudotos See Theodotus
114 Aischinis Related to "aischos" (sense of shame)
112 Epagathos Useful, good of its kind. From Agathos (see Agathon)

112 Theogenis, Theugenis Born of a God, from "Theo" (God) and "Genesis" (birth)

111 Eucles Good glory (as in Euclid) from "eu-" (good) and "kleos" (glory)
110 Thimotheos See Timothy
109 Aristeides See Aristides
109 Eirenaios Peaceful, male for of Irene
108 Dion
107 Charias Graceful, from Charis
107 Kallimachos Good warrior from "kalo" (good) and "mache" (battle)
105 Heliodoros See Heliodoro
105 Olympiodoros Gift ("doron") of Olympus
104 Aristocles
104 Epigenes Born after, from "epi-" (upon) and "genesis" (birth).
103 Artemidoros Gift ("doron") of Artemis
103 Metrodoros Gift ("doron") of mother/motherhood ("meter")
103 Pythodoros Gift ("doron") of the Pythian oracle of Delphi. Pythian related to python.
101 Philostratos Friend of the military, from "philos" (friend) and "stratos" (army)
100 Euphrosynos Cheering, Cheerful. Male version of Euphrosyne, one of the Graces

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