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Subject: Re: How to combine them into one name?
Author: Pavlos   (guest)
Date: November 5, 2001 at 8:50:12 AM
Reply to: How to combine them into one name? by Laura
I wasn’t able to combine "God-given thunderous owl " into a single, bona-fide, non-pythonesque Greek name. My suggestions:

Dorothea Brontoglauke
Theodosia Brontoglauke
Theodora Brontoglauke

Brontoglauke (pronounced "vrontoGLAPHkey") is a grammatically kosher combination of Bronte and Glaux . If you have a favorite deity other than the generic theo- , we could come up with an even more interesting first name.

By the way, an ancient proverb that has survived to this day is "Glauk' athenaze", i.e., to "carry owls to Athens". The expression is similar to the British "carry coals to Newcastle".


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