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Subject: Figured out first name, but no middle(plus a little update)
Author: Gia Nadine   (guest,
Date: November 5, 2001 at 8:50:56 AM
Ok first of all Ryan called me up and apologized for everything and told me he was so happy I didnt get an abortion and that he just freaked out having 2 kids so close in age! He said he missed me and the normal guy stuff they say! But I am not letting him back till he proves to me that he means all the things he said!

On to name, I told him I was thinking of a name and I accidently spilled out the news of another girl! He didnt mind and asked me what name I thought of..... well I have thought of Rianna for the first name! I cant decide on a middle name but Ryan said he would help!
Well that is my update and news of names for this baby! I have only 16 weeks left till her due date!!!
If any one wants to help on middle name go ahead!! Thanks!

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