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Subject: Re: Here goes...
Author: Lula Roseanna Windsor :-) (but yes, there is tex   (guest,
Date: November 9, 2001 at 1:58:26 PM
Reply to: Here goes... by Nanaea
(and all the rest)

Thank you thank you thank you! These all have such possibilities...

Andrionna Susan Rowell - I'm not fond of the name Susan, although Susan Cooper was one of my favorite authors, but I *love* Andrionna!

Rowena Drusilla Anson - I'm not sure why, since the names are not exactly appealing (to me) alone, but I *love* this name!!!

Allura Dorine Swanson - oooh, I'm so alluring... :-)

Alondra Winona Russel - I like Winona. "First-born daughter" in the book right next to me, and I am.

Rosalinda Lauren Snow - This is my absolute favorite, and the one I would use. I tend to go for R, L, S, A, and K names the most (I think), and this fits very well. I also like Snow as the last name, because I'm too, too, too immersed in George R. R. Martin's books. Ooooh, I could be Ned Stark's illegitimate daughter! :-) Lady Catelyn wouldn't like that... but I'd be Arya's sister, and that would be cool... ummm, never mind. Love that author, though.

And then...

LOL!!!!! I love it! It is the perfect romance novelist name (well, Felicia Gallant was a good one too :-) ). I may have to look in to that... I hear Harlequin is putting out a new line. :-)

Thanks again!

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