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Subject: Turkish Names for Database
Author: Samantha   (guest)
Date: November 24, 2001 at 11:12:01 AM

I hvae lived overseas in tukey for four years and have learned some lovely names that should be added to the database-enjoy!

Ozlem (f)-Meaning "missing" or in some cases "special."

Emel (f)-Meaning "wish" or "goal"

Ezgi (f)-Meaning "beautiful song"

Onur(m)- Meaning "honour" or "dignity."

Kelebek (f)- Meaning "butterfly."

Aysel (f)- Meaning "moonlight".

Nuray (f)- Meaning bright moon.

Deniz (f)- Meaning sea.

Ovunc (m)- Meaning pride.

Savas (m)- Meaning war.

Musa (m)- Turkish form of Moses.

Yusef (m)- Turkish form of Joseph.

Suleyman (m)- Name derived from the great Ottoman Sultan Suleyman the magnificent.

Fairuza (f)- I've seen it posted elsewhere that this name means turquoise but the real Turkish word for it is turkuaz so I'm not entirely sure about this one.

Yildiz (f)- Meaning "star".

Gul (f)- Meaning "rose."

Gunel (f)- Meaning "daybreak."

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