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Subject: Grrrr...
Author: Snoof   (guest)
Date: November 25, 2001 at 9:06:29 PM
Maybe it's just me being pregnant (*cough* probably *cough*) but I'm getting restless about names. "Oh my gods, next Friday I'm going to be halfway into this pregnancy and I STILL don't have a name for a girl I really, really like!"
Yes, yes, I know... But reason is a useless tool when hormones go rampid. And here I used to be so in control of my emotions... O well...
Anyway... I'd like to hear about some pretty and, preferably, unusual girl's names. The middle name for a girl will definitely be Ann, and our last name, as stated, is Futrell.
We're Pagan, if that in any way influences your opinion.



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