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Subject: i got a whole list!!
Author: Silver   (guest,
Date: November 29, 2001 at 5:02:03 PM
Reply to: Strange Names by Bethany
I have a list of about 300 and so of the most bizzarre, beautiful and REAL NAMES! (many/most are not on thsi website :S)
I will give you my very favourites (I have a habit of collecting)
I love etmology, but more the extremly unheard of and forgotten names.
If you want any history or backrounds of the following names email me ( )
Best of LUCK TO YOU!! ^_^

Ariana, Ahri, Andorra, Adria, Charon, Czarina, Eden, Fallin, Jenesis, Loara, Nyara, Kahlan, Lyris, Leandra, Kitzi, Tagra, Tavia, Tangara

Asheric, Archer, Alairic (Aries), Brier, Braar, Caden, Cail, Deasmond, Dmari, Ezera, Fallin, Jasrrik, Keir, Luxdon, Mavis, Neveon, Sralon, Talon, Xander, Zanth

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