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Subject: And so the party begins....
Author: reyanna   (guest)
Date: November 30, 2001 at 10:42:46 PM
Here are some interesting names I saw at work:

Sylvanie (g) and her dd Shipharah Nina
Maida and her dd Gavrielle Karen
Corby (b)
Bryce Remington
Cylver Angelica (hmmm...)
Allison Lauressa
Kailyn Marie
Elizabeth Ann Benedicta
Magaly (g)
Ormsin (b)
Denall Marie
Shawn Everett
Mindwell Griffin
Shea Harrington (g)
Dominic Cavanagh

Janessa Paige & Matisse June (sisters)
Tressa, James, Nora, & Julia Ines (mn)
Ryan, Kyle, Tyler Adam, & Dylan Michael (all y's... creative)
Bailey, Maximilian, Charles
Kyanne Marie & Kaitlin Anne


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