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Subject: I went to Barnes and Noble Bookstore...
Author: 'Cole   (guest)
Date: December 22, 2001 at 11:59:12 PM
Reply to: Nan or anyone who knows about "such things"... by 'Cole
and I got two books. I could not find Simple Wicca as you suggested, Nan, but that's okay because apparently she already has that book!
One of the books I gave her gives a very descriptive explanation on what wicca is, and the different kinds and practices of each, but I can't remember the author right now, and the other is a book on planting a garden for herbs and plants to use in spells, incantations, rituals,practices,etc. I thought she'd enjoy it because she already has started an herb garden outside her window, and we had talked about planting a garden in a window box when we get our appartment together.
I must admit that as a girl I always intrigued with the idea of being a "witch" and casting spells, but the more I read (I am currently borrowing the Simple Wicca book by Michele Morgan) the more I find and like about wicca as an actual religion (for that's what it is-probably the oldest) and can see myself on the path to becoming a practicing wiccan, or at least becoming knowledgable in this field. My friend and I have decided to travel the path together, sharing what we learn and in time decide if it's something we beleive, and what path is best for us as an individual.

Anyway, thank you, Nan and Phyllis for helping in the course of finding the materials we need to start learning and understanding where to go from here.

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