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Subject: Drachma RIP...long live the Euro!
Author: Pavlos   (guest)
Date: January 2, 2002 at 3:34:59 AM
Farewell Drachma, most ancient of European coins :( Ironically, you were derived from the word "dratto" meaning to "hold on to". Not! Farewell, Franc, Lira, DM, etc etc. Yesterday most of us Europeans woke up with a new currency -- the Euro. Here's a brief etymological analysis of the Euro:
1. From "eurus" (wide, open) and "ops" (eye, face, countenance). Could mean open-eyed.
2. From "eurus" (wide, open) and "ope" (hole).
3. From "europos" meaning "easily inclining"
4. From "euros" meaning to "mold, mildew". This word is related to the Latin "rodere" (to chew, masticate) from which the word rodent evolved.
5. From "Euro", derived from the aboriginal "uroo," a species of Kangaroo.

You can't imagine what a strange sensation it was when I first held an Euro bill. Seemed like toy money. Spent my first Euro bill yesterday morning to buy flowers for luck. It this single-currency experiment fails, Europeans will be in deep doodoo. And the grinning Brits will become the 51 state of the US :P

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