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Subject: Re: 7 weeks left??? I can't believe how time flies!
Author: Gia Nadine   (guest,
Date: January 2, 2002 at 7:58:14 PM
Reply to: 7 weeks left??? I can't believe how time flies! by Nanaea
yep Isabelle and this one are only going to be about 10-11 months apart! EEK! Depending on when this one decides to come out!! My EDD is Feb 21st! Trust me after this one I am so getting like the depo shot or something! No more babies for awhile! Caleb had just gotten used to Isabelle when this one was conceived.... poor boy wont know what to do with 2 baby sisters! LOL He doesnt quit get that mommy is having another baby.... I think he thinks i am just getting fat again for a weird reason! I guess I should of decided to breastfeed Isabelle cause then you dont get your period right away! (maybe a little to much info for some people, sorry!) Oh well nothing like another wonderful child!!

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