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Subject: some just random anagram names from Terry Goodkind's new book, and uh, yeah im back, x-mas vaction sucked... i was sick...
Author: Silver   (guest)
Date: January 2, 2002 at 10:10:54 PM
Reply to: Anagram names by Deb
in Terry Goodkinds's newest novel in his Series 'The Sword of Truth' , the seventh in the series
there are two sorceress sisters, Lathea and Althea.
Although they are very simply anagrams of eachother, I still like the names.
Does neone else on here read those books, and absolutly addicted.
I got the new one for x-mas and i finished it yesterday, and I am severly dissapointed.
I don't like Jennsen and Sebastian being together first before Tom, and i think Tom should of had a larger role.
Jennsen should of gotten closer to him, and double thought Sebatian more.
Maybe i am just upset because the first 6 books are on the characters Richard and Kahlan, and teh 7th is one 3 compleatly different characters.
Or maybe it was Oba liking to kill everything, and rape and torture everything.
He was to much like Drefan, it was repetative, and I think ol' Mr. Goodkind has a thing for gruesome sex
he sure likes describing sex and killing things...
plus in the first 6 books Jagang sees himself as infailable, but its obvious he knows the true intent of hsi dark purpose,
and is not ridding the world of magic for the good of mankind, but to rule them.
I think the enemy became to human, and i dont think he would fight with his soldiers.
His personality changed to abruptly.
And i think Nyda being Mord Sith would of kicked Oba's ass, Agiel or not.
The end was far to hasty, as if TG wanted to finish it up real quick, or ran out of ideas.
The parting with Sebastian was to quick, and Jennsen never really considered her love.
She feels so much for Tom, who she is barely met, and wtf is with the bloody GOAT! that was annoying! she wouldnt shut up!
and Richard didnt know Oba was evil, and I don't think he would of left him so easily to die, even if he did steal his wife.
And why does he never learn that Oba is his half brother.
Why were the pillars all of a sudden brought into this novel, and no previous mention of Rahl offspring being holes in the world made.
Did it just seem like he was using up the winter time so not to jump compleatly into the war, and just wanted to give us a whoel bloody book on backround info of his sister bcz she has joined the battle now?
Perhaps this serves more purpose later on.
perhaps i was to eager waiting for the book, and to much in love with Kahlan and Richard, after reading all ther other six in 2 months, and waiting another 2 for this work.
Im glad the story is not over tho, i dont know what id do without Richard and Kahlan.
I think i would of read all that about CARA THEN JENNSEN!
How come all the women are sex objects but dont know it.
And the big brave men have to show them the world, and lead them out of their little holes in life.
Why do the women always have to be virgins at like 20-25, and the men have have been everywhere?
Is Terry trying to tell us sumthing about his life?
Did anyone look at the new colour photo of TG at the back of the hardcover! what a creepy guy!
Freaks me out he likes writing on sex and killing so much?
Was it just me or was it to much in the 5th book when the 30yr old women slept with the thousand yr old man?
Why do all the women have to cry whilst havign sex.
I think TG thinks hes some kind of sex deity.
I do enjoy his anal retentivness towards eyes though.
Wow i can babble alot, :S
Later all
Ps. pardon the million spelling and grammar errors, i wrote this quick and im tired

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