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Subject: Oh...
Author: Lilith   (guest)
Date: January 3, 2002 at 9:20:33 PM
Reply to: a meaning to some of the names in the book, if ne... by Silver
I read a short story by him once. "A Debt Of Bones," or something. This is a total guess, 'cos I'm hardly an expect in etymology and don't even know what the characters are like, but oh well. Cypher could be short for 'decipher' or something; Nicci could be derived from the Nicole style names, pronounciation aside. If not, Nissa and Nyssa are also probabilities. Or maybe he was just fiddling around with the word "nice." Adie...well, Addie. Addison, Adelaide, etc. Aide. Dreyfan sounds somewhat similar to the surname Dreyfus. Or "dry fan."

However, most fantasy authors I've read tend to just make up random names if the story takes place in a made-up world. :-\ So guessing, while fun for me, is often pointless. I'm currently researching old Irish names to use in my latest bad fantasy story. Uncreative, perhaps, but at least I can add in random symbolism by choosing the meanings carefully. ;)

What other fantasy do you read?

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