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Subject: well...
Author: Silver   (guest)
Date: January 3, 2002 at 10:22:46 PM
Reply to: Oh... by Lilith
other fantasy novels i like:
Myst; the series: 1) Book of Atrus, 2)the book of Ti'anna, and 3) the book of D'ni
I just started the Outlander series by Diana Garabaldon,
I hate Tolkien, he just cant write..., or at least what i started to read of the Fellowship of the ring, the movie ruled, but i wrote better then him at two, ive never seen such childish works revered...
Sanctium Mosiac series by Guy Garviel Kay, I started the first book, and thororughly enjoyed it, but had to put it down for school a whiel ago and just havent got back on it again,
'A Place in the Hills' by Michelle Paver, I picked this baby up in France, never seen it in Ontario
Christopher Pike's Starlight Crystal, and The Immortal ;), although his work is general over gruesome, meant to instill fear these two works stand out, The Immortal contains a great deal of Greek Mythology, and brings to life new Greek Gods, and the Starlight Crystal is about a woman who lives several lifetimes, and purposes some new and very insightful outlooks on life, which seems a bit out of the ordinary for the usually mundane writings of CP
I want more works by Guy Garviel Kay, like the Fionvar (w/e) Tapastry, and i would like some of the books buy Marion Zimmer Bradly.
A dept of bones is the only novel of Terry Goodkind not of the Sword of Truth series.
I would also like to read the Fire and Ice series, and the Wheel of Time series.
meh, I tink dats it.
What you like to read?
ps. it was Drefan, and a lot of the names in the book are very common, like Tom and Richard.

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