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Subject: this site is so helpful, i already got a name for the boy, but as for the girl, tell me which u like
Author: Silver   (guest)
Date: January 4, 2002 at 6:47:25 PM
Reply to: Re: i need a female name, that means black panther, i would like the two words to be of the same language, and i ehno, ill make a name outta them, i like greek, i was thinking Theran sumthin... help? ty n/t by Mike C
the boy panther's name will be Litheron, pronounouced (lie-thehr-in)
Li from the chinese name Li, meaning strong and black, both good! im jsut ignoring it can also mena plum, lol
the theron is greek for 'to hunt'
so the name means black hunter :) yea!
as for the girl, i want her name to mean black grace.
and i have the following names
Kalicharis - Kali from the name of the side of the Sanskirt goddess/mother of creation or sumthin' , and in essence meaning black, and charis from the greek charis meaning grace, this one is one of my favs
Ciarhan - Ciar from the irish Ciar meaning black, and han from the pollish 'grace'
Ciarei - Ciar again, with rei (Japanese) for grace, but it also means thanks which i dont like
Licharis - Li like in Litheron ^above^, and charis explained above, i like this one because the names sound similar, and the ending is both greek, and they both have the Li, which is chinese meaning black

what you all think?
(I need to go back to school, my english is getting horrible)

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