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Subject: On Paladin and Psonic
Author: Pavlos   (guest)
Date: January 11, 2002 at 8:31:49 AM
Reply to: Please tell me ppl dont name their children Reverend... (more) by Silver
A Paladin is a "member of of the chivalrous community" (soundz kinda PC hehe), a strong supporter or defender of a cause, and/or one of the peers of Charlemagne's court.
Lets look at the history of the word:
Paladin is derived from the Latin *palatium*, a hill which housed the Caesars'palace (Rome, not Vegas). The word "palace" is thus derived.
"Palatium" in turn is derived from te Greek "pallantion" which is derived from *Pallas*. "Pallas" was a nickname of the Goddess Athena, which also meant "maiden priestess". *Pallas* itself is thought to be either derived from the verb *pallo* (to palpitate/vibrate -- something Athena apparently enjoyed doing with her spear, mush to the delight of her masochistic companions) or from the word *pallax* (meaning "virgin, maiden").

"Psonic" was probably coined by some hippie (out of his/her mind on dope and speed) by combining "psychedelic" and "sonic". Unless it is related to the Greek word "opsonein" (meaning "to buy provisions") from which the word "monopsony" also originated. Consider yourself a "psonic" if you spend the better part of your day at Bloomingdale's.

No mammals or amphibians were permanently impaired during the above derivations.

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