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Subject: More Finnish Names
Author: Liisa   (guest)
Date: January 13, 2002 at 4:17:36 PM
I posted a message a while ago with Finnish names and I now have more to add. Please post them in the next update if possible.

Eveliina (f)-Finnish form of Evelyn.

Tellervo (f)- Finnish form of Deborah.

Jari (m)- Finnish form of Jerry.

Piia (f)- Finnish form of Pia.

Tiia (f)- Finnish form of Tia.

Saara (f)- Finnish form of Sarah, along with the name Sari.

Kaarin or Kaarina (f)- Finnish forms of Katherine, along with the name Karin.

Leena (f)- Finnish form of Leah.

Vitaari (m)- Finnish form of Victor.

Risto (m)- Finnish form of Richard.

Taimi (f)- A very old Finnish name meaning "Little Flower" this was my grandmother's name.

Salli (f)- Finnish form of Sally, a short form of Sarah.

Erikka (f)- finnish feminine from of Erik.

Lyydia (f)- Finnish form of Lydia.

That's all I have for now, Hope fully will have more to post later.

Liisa :)

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