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Subject: some names, can maybe we add some of these, :)
Author: Silver   (guest,
Date: January 15, 2002 at 8:06:37 PM
Names I have picked up lately.
Most sadly I don't know origins or meaning of.
Where do you BTN crew find what language and words they are derieved from and such.
I am clueless (dont say it...)
Anyways -drumroll- and the names are

Laoghaire - from Diana Gabaldons historical fiction book 'Outlander', based in Scotland, name does sound scottish, and is femine, the time is 1743
Collum - another name from the book, i suspect a varation of Callum or Calum, which in fact are gaelic, and variations of Columba
Tavish - from the last name MacTavish
Urza (m) - ?a variation or a shortform of another name possibly?
Nemesis (it was a boy named this, but i suppose it could be f as well) - from the english word 'nemesis' meaning destiny or fate
Veroz (m) - ?
Braker (m) - the best of my pronounciation this sounds like 'craker' with a b, diffinatly... unique
Demona (f) - my guess is the feminin counter part of Demon, greek from Demos "the people", or maybe "de mona" as in teh name Mona and a prefix meaning the or of
Abdel (m) - maybe a varitation of Abdul?
Ralia (f) - variation of Raleigha, Raleea, etc. (i dont think those names are in here either)
SylerRayne (f) - combination of variations of Skyler and Raine
Xia (f) - female variation of Zia
Anty (f) - nickname for Antonia (prounounced like 'an-tee')
Laden (f) - ?? (Leh-den) (i hope its not from the english word 'laden' - loaded :S)
Oshana (f) - ? (pronounced oh-shahn-ah)
Katazia (f) - a wild guess but combination of the name Zia and 'Kat' from names like Kathrine Katie (pronounced Kaht-ah-zee-ah)
Firiona (f) - maybe a combo of Fien and Fiona, being both gaelic
Anastrianna (f) -probably a variation of Anastas, but femine, being from the name Anastasius, with a femine 'rianna' suffix
Sier (m) - maybe a varation of the english word 'seer' or 'sire', prophet and creator respectivly
Kitao (m) - no clue...
Urki (m) - ?? no idea...
Urie (m) - a lil vartion on the hebrew name Uri

well thats it for now, any help would be much appreciated :)
If any of these names could be added that would be grrrrrEAT! (no more frosted flakes for me...)
Thanks everyone,


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