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Subject: Names of my kids
Author: Patricia   (guest)
Date: January 29, 2002 at 5:11:54 PM
Hi There, as you saw my name is Patricia which is common and even though it is a family name(almost everyone on my dad's side has a daughter named Patricia. When I was pregnant for my first baby I was determined to chose a name that was not common. My son's father suggested Bon Scott after his favorite ac/dc singer(now dead from drugs I think). So my son's first name is Bon his second name is Scott. When I found out I did not have the 'flu I began searching for an unusual name for my daughter(my mom wanted me to have another boy so I knew I was having a So for months I asked around read countless name books(I had no computer or access to one 10 years ago)
I almost gave up and chose an irish name as she was due on st.paddy's day but when the day after st.paddys day came and still no baby I went thru another book and found Kachina. So that is her first name,her second name was not chosen until she was born at 6:59 am, it was dawn so I named her Kachina Dawn.
Kachina means sacred doll in Hopi Indian and golden ray of sunshine in India. I don't know what Bon stands for other than "good" but I am told it is scottish.

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