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Subject: the saga of searching continues...
Author: Silver   (guest)
Date: February 3, 2002 at 11:14:15 AM
On my continuous search of the new, unique, and sometimes just plan bizzarre, I have found the following names.
Elphin (f) - most likely an alteration of the name Elvin, from Aelfwine.
Nairn (m) - this name sounds like Narnia or however it was spelt to me, I thought maybe it was just a variation on Neirin, from Aneiran, but that is welsh, and the guy with this name was from a middle eastren country, if memory serves me right (I have the memory of a goldfish) it was Jordan, or that area, lil' help :)
Dessloch (m) - clueless... the 'loch' sounds Gaelic, and there is a name Desmond which is gaelic from Deas-Mhuman, and as it looks from this site the 'Deas' means 'from south' so maybe it means 'from the south Loch'???
Senice (f) - the girl was young, I found the name on what looked like her fathers site with pictures for family members and such, they said nothing on backround but they were Caucasian
Esna (f) - no idea on backround

Thats all for now, whats everyone think?
Any idea of where these names could of come from?
Does my Dessloch theory make any sence? lol
I kind of like tha name... Dessloch, and Senice is kind of cute.
I still Hylan Dro is the nicest name for a boy, lol
Nice to talk to you all again, I'll continue my search :)


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