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Subject: Welcome Merriment :)
Author: Silver   (guest)
Date: February 3, 2002 at 9:52:29 PM
Reply to: Hey-hey! You're here! Everyone welcome Merriment! :) by Nanaea
Cool name, I am Silver, lol, obviously.
I enjoy the new evolving sides of etymology and the more 'lost' names, that are either very uncommon, or just unique.
So you gonna be the resident Welsh scholar, and we got Nan, the resident Satanist, and Pavlos, the resdient Greek,

What's Silver?
Resident half crazy no nothing Canadian?
Resident 'i can find some really wierd names' Silver.

or maybe just Silver, im not exactly good at any one thing.
If it's a geography term, try me!
btw, like my section on weapons for names, I have kinda started on on geography terms.
Some are really cool!
Another name that is an awsome word, but... as for a name...
you call them Dyna for short, reminds me of that song 'Someones in the kitchen with Dyna' which i think is all sexual references
and the name easily turns into 'Die nasty'

And does anyone think my 'Dessloch' theory could be right? Not is, but could be?
Or am i way out on a limb here.
:) Nice to meet ya again :)


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