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Subject: Re: Meaning
Author: Moya   (guest)
Date: February 5, 2002 at 8:55:11 AM
Reply to: Re: Meaning by Nanaea
Next time I'll go to a site which is more hospitable rather than the rubbish I have just received from you.
Didn't realize that people had to write that sort of information to get a response - perhaps you should read some of the others and write similar comments back to them - that will do you the world of good as a messaging board.

I'll publicise your response to others to ensure that they don't bother you or this site again - that way you can crawl back under the stone you just came from as you clearly are a lower form of life that most things currently in existence.

If I knew where the name came from I wouldn't be asking you such questions but you clearly don't have the rappour to communicate with normal people.
Ethnic background is white and British which is more than your name indicates - if you don't like it here perhaps you should go back to where you originated from rather than take it out on others here.

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