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Subject: Not all of the Erinyes were female,
Author: Silver   (guest)
Date: February 9, 2002 at 1:06:59 PM
Reply to: Re: Mythological name for story by Nanaea
The three Eninyes, born of Uranus, were Tisiphone, Megaera, and Alecto.
Alecto was male. He had an affair wih Tyche, and illegimate daughter of Zeus and had a daughter Pythia.
According to mythology, he disguised himself as a handsome warrior, and crept into Tyche's bed naked.
Tyche, who slept naked was overcome with lust, and let Alecto 'take her'.
He also had another daughter by another affair, named Thalia. Her mother was never known.
I think Tisiphone (Tis-iph-awn-ee), and Megaera (Megg-air-rah, like in Disney's Hurcules, which was a really cute play on the Erinyes) sound nice, but don't exactly have nice meanings.
Alecto, to my recolection was the Erinyes that kept track off the life of mortals, and punished them in the underworld.
Tisiphone and Megaera took care of instilling emotions such as pain, panic (these are also from Disney's Hurcules), fear, and all dark emotions that was either physically or emotional damaging.
I don't remember which one did which.
Quick Qu., who were the Fates in Disney's Hurcules?
Fate was usually controlled by the goddess Fortuna with her wheel.
The Fates seemed more like the Erinyes, but Pain, Panic and Megaera were supposed to be them.
I was thouroughly confused.
And they also threw in some Roman gods -rolls eyes- disney... pshhh...
I was just doing a chart of Greek gods, their family tree actually, not much of a tree...
You know there's a problem when your family tree doesn't branch.
For all those Greek God fanatics out there, I have a few questions.
1) According to calculations on the gravational pull of planets in their known orbits, vs gravitional pull of the sun, Earth's orbit doesn't fit, unless there is another planet behond Pluto, about the size of Pluto's moon Charon. Since all the planets are named after Roman gods, this planet if found will be named Vulcan. I know most Roman gods have an equivalent Greek God. From what I remember Vulcan in roman mythology is basically Hephaestus in Greek Mythology? Right?
2) Who did Apollo marry/ have an affair with to have his daughter Sryope, who married Aeneas.
3) Who did Aphrodite marry/ have an affiar with to have her son Aeneas.
4) Does anyone know who Thalia's mother is. Thalia is the daughter of the Erinyes Alecto.
5) Who is Pysche, besides wife of Eros? Did they have children?
6) Aphrodite married Hephaestus right? Did they have children?
7) What were Aphrodite's other affairs? Did they produce children? (excluding the 7 Sirens)
8) Who was the father of the 7 Sirens, Aphrodite being the mother. He was a mortal
9) Did Poseidon have Triton all by himself? bcz i know that did happen...
10) How was the Erinyes created by Uranus, same sort of deal as with Aphrodite... by... severed... body parts...?
11) Who was Pyrha, wife of Deucalion, who was son of Promethus. Who was Deucalion's mother?

Well... thats all for now, lol
Thankz you guys


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